Monday, November 20, 2006


Margie's Frame Pendant


I recently wrote a post about a necklace I made for my friend, Therese, using an unusual rectangle-shaped beaded feature frame. Here's a reminder of what I did:

And now, here's another take on the same frame. This gorgeous creation comes from Margie in Queensland. She has used a dainty little filigree butterfly, and a baroque Swarovski dangle in a delightful ruby red. Lovely!

I just love how you can get two completely different looks from one piece.

Well done, Margie. Thanks for letting us see your pendant.

I believe Margie already knows what I think of this pendant (re: beading forum), but I will say it again - gorgeous, stunning, fabulous...LOVE IT!! That butterfly in the corner is so beautiful and cleverly put, especially with the chaton!
SIMPLE, yet ELEGANT. The textures of the filigree butterfly and the beaded frame beautifully contrast with each other. And your placement of the butterfly gives the appearance that it is being enticed by the rich ruby nectar of the baroque dangle. (Clever!) Your pendant is bound to be attract lots of compliments Margie. Well done!
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