Monday, November 06, 2006


Esta's Excellent Earrings

Enough with the alliteration, already! Just show us the earrings . . .

OK, then.

Esta is a long-time customer from Hobart, Tasmania. Over the weekend, she sent me the following picture of a pair of earrings that she made with my floral buttons (sorry, she got the last pair!) and black-diamond pears.

I just love what Esta has done here, dangling the rhinestone inside a double-garland of multi-coloured beads. Beautiful! Click to see a larger version:

Esta told me that she is wearing a black frock to a wedding in two weeks, and wanted to add some colour to her ensemble. I think these will do the trick perfectly, Esta!

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TUTTI FRUITI! By chance, earlier today I was out shopping and happened to feast my eyes upon some designer jewellery that was jammed packed full of color. No two beads or precious stones were repeated in the designs. One wonders - can you ever have too much color? (What do you think?) It seems that Esta's certainly not afraid to use it. Good on you girl!
They look GREAT! That will certainly zing up a black dress! I love those black diamond pears...***drools***
Yes, they are very lovely. I love colour...can't live without colour, so in my eyes they are the perfect earrings!!! Great work ^_^
Thanks everyone. The wedding is in 5 days. I can't wait!! I made a very similar pair in tones of pink and mauve to wear with another black dress at a Melbourne Cup Luncheon to match my fascinator. I will try and send Siobhan a pic of those too :)

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