Thursday, November 09, 2006


Daisies for Lynette

Today I sent off an order for a customer called Lynette. She ordered a large quantity of my antiqued daisies with coloured centres. The colours Lynette chose included peridot, amethyst, siam and montana - all my favourites!

I was rushing to get to the post office before the last truck of the day. So when the glue had finished drying on Lynette's daisies, I scraped them together in a pile, ready to tumble them into a bag.

And I stopped short.

Those daisies looked so utterly beautiful in their sparkling mound, I just had to take a moment to photograph them. Here they are. Click to see a larger version:

I know it seems silly to stop everything for a photograph, and perhaps sillier still to devote a post to it. But one of the things I like most about my job is the photography. So it was nice to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Oh, and I still got to the post office in plenty of time!

I have had a few requests for a post on photographic tips. Coming soon - I promise!

"Stop and smell the roses!" Siobhan, I was thinking those exact words myself as you described your simple pleasure. I, for one, admire your photography. Your pictures beautifully capture the finer details, right down to the reflection of light bouncing off the facets of the chatons, inside those gorgeous little daisies! I'd love to learn this skill. You can be sure, I'm waiting with excitement for your photographic tips. (When you're ready.)
If I can be stopped short by a single bead of water on a leaf in the garden, glistening in the sunlight, then I can understand what drew you to feel the need to stop and appreciate your daisies, Siobhan!

For me, it's all about catching what moments of beauty and simpleness you can, especially in today's high-speed world where everyone's rushing about and not taking the time just to appreciate what's around them.

Thank you for sharing that with us...oh, and as you know, I agree with what jacqueline>blue rose says about your gorgeous photography!!
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