Thursday, November 16, 2006


An Angel Only Lent


Early this week, I received an order from a new customer in Brisbane. After finishing at my web site, she sent me an email explaining that she started making jewellery three months ago to "get me through the grieving process after losing my daughter to ill health".

As a mother, I cannot bear even to think of losing my son. My heart therefore went out to this dear lady - not only for her loss, but for her bravery and determination in actively seeking ways to ease her pain.

I was so touched that I decided to make a little gift to send with her order - a pair of angel earrings in loving memory of her daughter. Here is a picture; click to see a larger version:

From bottom to top, the components I used in these earrings included an antique-gold bead cap; a large, pearlised-glass tear-drop bead; a Swarovski erinite bicone; an antique-gold angel-wing bead; a Czech glass crystal tear-drop (turned upside down); and a dark-amethsyt earring stud.

I won't pretend to know what this lady is going through. But I hope this gift lets her know that people are thinking of her - and admire her, too.

Though I have lost my one and only son, like you Siobhan, I can’t pretend to understand this mother’s dreadful loss! However, I do empathise. Death is a cruel legacy that leaves many feeling very hurt and confused about what happens to their loved ones at death. There are so many different beliefs on the subject that perhaps this is may be why some still shy from talking about it. Thus taking up a craft or hobby is one effective channel for expressing grief. This is what I observed when I taught photo scrap-booking. In the case of the lady you have mentioned here Siobhan, she has chosen jewellery-making as her outlet for her grief, which is likely a very healthy thing to do. But how very, very touched though she will be when she receives the special earrings you made for her Siobhan. Your kind, loving gesture might just be what the doctor ordered!
Siobhan, that is such a sweet and thoughtful gesture, I'm sure this lady's day will be brightened by your gift indeed! I could not imagine going through the loss of one of my children, she is a very brave lady.
It's so refreshing to hear of people like you, Siobhan, who do such lovely things - makes me think all is not lost in this world after all! A beautiful gesture and beautiful earrings also - I'm sure you will touch this lady's heart in a very special way.
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