Thursday, October 26, 2006


Where's My Kitchen Bench?

Running a home-based business has its definite advantages. I choose my own hours, for example, and I'm always here when my son comes home from school. Also - and this is my shameful secret - I have been known to work in my pyjamas all day long.

But there are disadvantages, too - such as the frequent loss of my kitchen bench. It simply disappears beneath mountains of new stock.

Here, for instance, is what my kitchen bench looks like at the moment. I recently took delivery of about 6000 new crystal sliders, and I am currently in the process of getting them sorted, photographed and listed. They are spread aaaaalllll over the bench, and there are more dispersed elswhere around the room:

My husband and son are very understanding. They gently push my stuff aside when they need to eat breakfast at the bench, or read the paper. And, luckily, we have another half-a-bench on the other side of the kitchen for actual cooking!

The reason I do all this in the kitchen is because my study is too small to spread everything out. Also, the kitchen is filled with natural light, which makes it perfect for my photography.

It will look like this probably for another week. Then it will be clear for a few days. Then the next lot of stuff will come in, and my bench will disappear all over again!

Oh well.

Oh dear! You are a very busy girl!!I'd come and help you if I could!!! It never ever ends..
You'e very lucky that you have an understanding family Siobhan - that would drive me mental, being the neat freak that I am!! I love working from home too - definately suits me just fine, especially for those entire days that I spend in my PJ's too (not many of them, but they exist nonetheless!!). ^_^
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