Tuesday, October 31, 2006


New Sliders!


Well, it took me three weeks - and a lot of mess in my kitchen - but I have finally finished listing all my new sliders.

I now have 14 different styles of Pure Allure antique-silver sliders in loads of new colours. They all have a beautiful Swarovski centre chaton. Here's a taste of my new selection:

In addition, I have added to my range some new types of sliders. The first is a really pretty flower-shaped resin slider. They are three-dimensional, which means they are literally in the shape of a flower. The thing I like most about these, though, is that you are not restricted to using them with silver findings. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me - using sliders with my antique-brass items. I have never been able to do this before, so I'm very excited! Here is a picture of my resin sliders:

And finally, I have also added to my range some enamel sliders. These are cute, cute, CUTE! They come in two styles - butterflies and flowers - and the colours are just divine. The butterflies even have a light dusting of glitter in the enamel. Each enamel slider has a crystal AB Swarovski chaton. Nice! Here's a picture:

Well, I can't say I am sorry that these are all finally listed! LOL. Lucky, too, because my son is at home sick today with a tummy bug. So I will leave you to your browsing while I go and stroke his hair.

OMG....those resin flowers are STUNNING...I can see I'm going to be broke again as usual, ha ha!!!
Yeah hmmmm and I've just finished an order! Now I'll have to go back!!! Oh well, poor me.. lol.. They are all beautiful aren't they! Hope your son gets better Siobhan, it's no fun when they're sick is it?
WOW! JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Got an idea for a bunch of them. Let you all know how it goes when it's done. Well I'll be slip sliding away!
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