Thursday, October 19, 2006


Classy Cameo


As a rule, I am not a big cameo fan, which I know sounds odd coming from someone who loves vintage-feel jewellery. But I find traditional cameos to be a little, um, corny and twee. By "traditional," I mean cameos with, say, a lady in profile.

Having said all that, I sometimes see a cameo that I just adore - because it is so different, quirky or fun. Recently, for example, I found some gorgeous vintage cameos on eBay. They are quite large, measuring 40 x 30 millimetres. They're made from an acrylic that has been carved into the most delightful floral filigree.

I made this necklace with it a few days ago. I didn't have a setting large enough for it, so I turned it into a pendant by glueing onto the back of it an antique-brass connector/pendant. I kind of like how the beading on the connector peeks from the top of the cameo.

For the necklace, I used a technique I have never tried before, and I really like the result. I used three separate strands of tiger tail. Some beads are threaded on individual strands, while others are threaded on all three. The beads I have used are milky-white cat's eyes (with antique-brass filigree bead caps), vintage smooth-glass beads in dark green, antique-brass spacers, vintage coral beads in burnt orange, and Czech fire-polished bicones in crystal AB. The smaller beads look like little berries on a vine.

Here are some pictures. Click to see larger versions. My apologies for those of you who have already seen this design at the Beading Forum:

I think this necklace has kind of a Christmas feel. I can see myself wearing this to my family's Christmas lunch this year. Much nicer than the reindeer earrings my aunt insists on wearing!

I don't mind seeing it again Siobhan, It's gorgeous!
What a wonderful way to resurrect a past relic! I think bloggers will be enthused with this idea Siobhan. Apart from eBay - markets, garage sales and especially deceased estates are wonderful sources of such pieces that (by incorporating jewellery findings and other components) can easily be transformed into a unique and personal favourite. Thanks for the inspiration!
Yes, I too have seen it again and I must say that I like it even more the second time around!! Just sooooo pretty ^_^
You have inspired me to use a cameo that has been sitting around doing nothing.
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