Sunday, October 29, 2006


Another Designer I Love . . .


I really admire the work of Jaime Byrd, a jewellery designer based in North Carolina. The blurb from here web site says that Jaime "has maintained a fascination with the Victorian and Edwardian eras and has used this love for the past to guide her through her art while also combining a contemporary look to her work." A girl after my own heart!

Here is a glorious pair of earrings designed by Jaime:

You can see more of Jaime's beautiful work at her web site.

A lazy Saturday afternoon, and I still couldn't get away from jewellery-making. And yes, I know I'm late to make an entry here, but I always believe that a constructive comment is worthwhile. My reason for being here at the post about Jaime's earrings? Well, possibly like many other budding jewellery designers, I really haven't got a clue how to price my jewellery! Am I charging too much, or not enough? So I went to Jaime's web site to see what she charges, to get some idea. As it turns out, MY PRICES ARE WELL BELOW WHAT I'VE BEEN CHARGING FOR MY JEWELLERY! I learnt a lot from visiting Jaime's web site, like different ways to use jewellery components that I may not thought of. And I have to agree with you Siobhan, Jaime's jewellery is indeed very beautiful, though not all of it to my taste. (Each to his/her own.) Well, I can say it's certainly been a worthwhile Saturday arvo. Have a nice day to the rest of you. Cheers.
Good heavens, I missed this post....not sure how!! Just went to Jaime's website and then proceeded to pick the bottom of my mouth up from off of the floor! What beautiful jewellery she creates....(still drooling from the thought of some of those pieces)...I particularly love some of the hair combs and pins! Lurvely ^_^
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