Friday, October 13, 2006


Addicted to Pendants


I am on a pendant-making kick at the moment. I am so into it, in fact, that I am thinking of adding a category to my web site called something like "One-of-a-Kind Pendants".

Anyway, here's one I finished today. Its main component is a large filigree centrepiece that has an open centre for featuring something special. There are piercings in the centrepiece for suspending it from chain or a beaded necklace.

Inside this opening I have dangled the cutest little snowdrop cameo, secured in a lace-edge setting.

Glued near the bottom of the centrepiece is a dragonfly charm. I know, I know - I seem to use these in everything. But I just love them so much! I have covered in the charm's ring with a faceted chaton in crystal AB.

Suspended from the bottom of the centrepiece is a gorgeous Czech glass bead in opaque chalk white, which kind of ties in with the white in the cameo. I only had one of these. My bead man in the Czech Republic sent it to me as a sample. I am glad I could use it this way.

Here are the pictures. Click any image to see a larger version:

WOW! That glass bead at the bottom is beautiful Siobhan, and the dragonfly really sets it off as well. I think a separate section for Unique Pendants is a good idea too..
Oh my gawd - that's STUNNING!! You're so talented Siobhan!! Yes, I agree with Margie - adding a seperate section is a good (great) idea! P.S. I'm loving the dragonfly everywhere too ^_^
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